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Innovative Web application for sales process automation
Gazele Biznesu Gazele Biznesu

Dziennik "Puls Biznesu" potwierdza przynależność firmy POLFENDO Sp. z o.o. do elitarnego klubu Gazel Biznesu grona najdynamiczniej rozwijających się firm

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Innovative Dealer Panel Innovative Dealer Panel

Time always costs the most, we know that's why we make sure you enjoy using our intuitive system in as little time as possible.

See now how simple and enjoyable it is, go to and create your account in a minute.

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Activate a dealer account Activate a dealer account

After signing up on the website, wait for our representative to contact you, who will confirm the registration and set up your individual account.

From now on you can enjoy 24/7 access to our products, develop quotes and orders.

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Training Training

Take advantage of our training programme and information meetings to take full advantage of the opportunities we offer our partners. Our extensive knowledge will allow you to professionally present a proposal to your client.

We will train you in the technology and the latest sales methods.

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Doors is just the beginning Doors is just the beginning

Our company is based on trust, cooperation and culture. We produce roll-up gates and grilles, however Polfendo is much more, it's a family!

Join our Polfendo Family programme and feel how much we can do for you. GO to

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Fast and safe delivery is essential Fast and safe delivery is essential

From now on you can sell a door with free delivery to your customer. We have prepared a map with exact locations, so you can quickly check if your customer is in the free delivery area. To see the details to

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We make it just in time when you need it We make it just in time when you need it

We are prepared to produce most of the doors "right away". The standard lead time is 2 weeks from ordering the door, but we can always complete your order as an urgent one, if the situation requires it.

We are flexible in order to build our advantage at the customer.

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Sample books and catalogues to make selling easier Sample books and catalogues to make selling easier

Colour and profile books, a product catalogue, a technical catalogue, picture instructions or free samples. We give you the tools to make it easier to sell and attract customers.

Visit and enjoy the wealth of our material.

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Polfendo roller doors are the beginning of your adventure with modern solutions for your home.
Easy control of home appliances from your phone.
Low installation cost.


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