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We know that running your own business entails a life full of intense experiences. If you are in charge of production buildings, they should be properly protected. The best way to guarantee your peace of mind will be a door that is perfectly suited to your needs. One that will be resistant to repeated closing and opening, weatherproof, and last but not least intuitive to use for all your employees. This is exactly what the Intense door is – your hero for special tasks.


The power of quality

Every element of the Intense door has been designed to withstand the toughest conditions. For several years our laboratory has been refining the smallest details of this powerful door, which can be up to 7 m wide and 6 m high, and yet thanks to the nextON system, which allows you to connect multiple doors into one, you can close openings up to several dozen meters wide.

The power of quality

ClickON system, one-hour installation

Simple installation of a large door - is it possible? Yes! Thanks to the clickON system.

Now you can install the Intense door on any surface thanks to the ready-to-use construction kit. All necessary elements and handles are already assembled and prepared for the installation of the opener shaft and curtain.

Click<span class='niebieski'>ON</span> system, one-hour installation

easyON system

The curtain of the Intense large door can weigh up to 100 kg. To make its installation safe and comfortable we have developed a feeder system, thanks to which 2 people are sufficient to pull it onto the winding shaft completely safely and without risking curtain damage. The easyON system improves installation and protects against physical damage.

easy<span class='niebieski'>ON</span> system

windON system

Very often our doors have to work in really difficult wind conditions, they are exposed to strong gusts and draughts in industrial buildings. Easy! We have a simple and very effective solution for this. We have created the windON system so that all our doors, regardless of the place of installation and weather conditions, work efficiently and continuously.

wind<span class='niebieski'>ON</span> system

System safeON

Polfendo rolling doors are equipped with an original flocking system for all elements in contact with the curtain. This solution makes your gate looks like new for many years. High quality aluminum and paint coatings in function with the standard flocking system - that's what you expect from a PREMIUM rolling door.

System safe<span class='niebieski'>ON</span>

From now on, RAL is not a whim.

From 1 January 2019, for a small extra charge and within 7 days we will produce the Intense door in any RAL colour of your choice. From now on, the colour of the door depends only on you or the imagination of the property owner. Don't limit yourself, have a choice and always keep face with the time.

From now on, RAL is not a whim.
From now on, RAL is not a whim.
From now on, RAL is not a whim.